Should I Fix my broken windshield?

How to fix my broken windshield?

There are so many DIY projects and information out there that allows us to take care of many things that professionals usually do. Repairing a broken windshield is no different. First we have to ask ourselves is the money and the time we spend worth doing ourselves or hiring someone.

We get quite a few calls asking us to come out and assess the damage done, and most of the time it is beyond repair. We also witness some of peoples attempts at doing things themselves, ultimately rendering an easy crack seal to needing a brand new windshield. If it is insured, your incur only the cost of the deductible. If it isn’t insured you can cost yourself 100’s of dollars.

In this instance just calling us in the first place would’ve been quite a bit better than attempting it yourself. Of course there are successful attempts that we of course wouldn’t document because we are no longer needed.

What’s Wrong with DIY Kits?

The instructions and tools are there, but what you are missing is years of experience in repairing cracks just like this. Also knowing in what situations to use what tool and when repair is beyond hope.

Our professionals:

Know the correct amount of pressure to apply to the windshield to keep it from breaking..

Know the proper procedures for …star breaks, bullseyes, blend breaks, and splits.

Use the perfect blend of glues, with the right bead for the temperature the replacement is done at.

We can finish the job in as little as 10 – 15 minutes. (Where most DIYers say on average it takes them 1 – 2 hours.)

Appropriately filling the pit and making sure the windshield wiper cutting edges don’t get on the excess dried adhesive.

If you have full glass coverage why would you even consider doing it yourself?

We take care of all paperwork and documentation for the insurance company so you have no worries.

If you don’t have insurance or full glass, we can also recommend the best solution at the best possible price including crack repair and used windshields.

Have you Tried DIY and failed?

If you attempted a DIY Windshield Repair Kit and the crack didn’t totally fill, it could spread and make for a dangerous situation and the windshield would need to be totally replaced. If this is the case call us today. Sometimes we can save the repair, or at least keep it from spreading.

We see failed attempts all the time, we don’t judge. The DIY industry makes millions off people trying to save themselves money. Advertising that it is easy is their job. Ours is to fix things for the people that they mislead.

We will always assess the damage and give you the options for the next course of action.


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Stillwater Auto Glass Repair

Broken Windshield?


Let the experts at Glass-n-go take care of all your auto glass needs. Whether its a replacement or crack repair we have the ability to recognize exactly what your needs are and use only quality parts and adhesives to give your car or truck the perfect fit for your glass needs. Give us a call today!

Minneapolis/ St. Paul Residential Glass Repair

Minneapolis/ St. Paul Residential Glass Repair

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Service the twin cities area glass-n-go auto and residential glass repair will always provide prompt and courteous service. We have been in the glass business for over 2 decades and our experience and expertise will definitely put us above the rest. We have seen, repaired and replaced just about every type of glass under the sun.

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We specialize in dealing with home glass repair. Instead of replacing the entire unit we will carefully determine a course of action to fix and/or replace the glass. This process is cheaper and doesn’t disturb the frame around the window. Let us give you a quote today on your broken glass.

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Nothing looks worse for a business than broken glass. From vandals to safety issues, broken glass can stop your business in its tracks. We have replaced all kinds of commercial glass and door glass. Let us handle everything so you can get back to your business.

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Don’t trust a chain that doesn’t care about quality or service. Let us professionally take care of everything. We handle the insurance claims and you enjoy your ride in no time. Need an older window? We know how to find them at the best price for you, the customer. Contact us today!


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Twin Cities Auto Glass Repair

Twin Cities Auto Glass Repair


We specialize in both auto and home glass repair. With experience in both areas we can be trusted with any of your glass replacement needs. Located in Stillwater, MN we are just minutes away from any location in the twin cities area. Don’t trust just any fly by night company to take care of the security and quality of a good glass install. We have very competitive rates and have been told that we are cheaper and faster than many of the bigger companies. We will put the effort needed to locate that hard to find piece of glass for that older home or car. With our 27 years of experience, we know exactly what needs to be done and how to get it done right. Contact us today!

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Windshield and Glass Repair

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Did you know we take care of all the hassle with your insurance company? We have dealt with many companies that are slow or refuse to pay. We know the answers they need to hear and leave you with nothing to worry about. Most insurance policies cover full auto glass coverage so you don’t have to pay a thing out of pocket. We will even come to your home or business and replace your windshield or car door glass for you, while you relax. Don’t get bullied by your insurance company and let the experts at glass-n-go take care of the billing and the professional glass install. Contact Us today!